Putting the Bucks' summer spending in context

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    FanHouse: Owners Had No Choice But to Pay Up in Free Agency
    Tom Ziller with a must read over at FanHouse, using the Bucks as a case study or sorts in how the NBA has become a pay-to-play league.

    Milwaukee needs to do better to get over the hump and truly contend in order to make some money for owner Sen. Herb Kohl. And to do that, they really have to spend money. Salmons, a free agent, had to be re-signed. There goes $39 million. The offense needed a serious jolt, even with Salmons returning. There's the trade for Corey Maggette, due $30 million over the next three seasons. The frontcourt needed a great rebounder and low-post threat. There's our lightning rod Gooden, signed for the full mid-level exception.

    Those three players alone earned combined commitments of $103 million from Kohl and the Bucks. And that's really not out of line with what most teams have done when approaching the conference elite. To go from "playoff team" to "contender," you simply have to spend this sort of money.

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    Don't forget the Brockness Monster!

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