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Ricky Rubio is reportedly on the trade block, and these are his possible suitors

Discussion in 'Minnesota Timberwolves' started by truebluefan, Jul 3, 2016.

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves had eyes on trading Ricky Rubio on draft night last week, and the indications have been that his time with the Wolves is at an end, especially after the team drafted Kris Dunn (and didn't trade him for Jimmy Butler). Rubio is an incredible passer and brilliant defender; the Wolves have been much better with him on the floor than off (9.3 net points per 100 possessions better). But his upside seems to have stagnated at age 25 and the problems with his jumper and finishing at the rim continue.

    Still, they couldn't find a deal for him, and the Sporting News reports the team is likely to wait until after free agency cools down to try and move him again. However, Sean Deveney also reports a list of potential suitors who may still be interested, and says that the Wolves may keep Rubio ... until mid-season.

    Minnesota also has not ruled out the possibility to hanging on to Rubio and letting him help ease in Dunn before trading him at some point next season. The Celtics did that with Rondo after drafting Marcus Smart in 2014, trading Rondo in December that year

    . - See more at:http://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/w...ade-block-and-these-are-his-possible-suitors/

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