Rumor Rumor has it the Bulls have moved on from Dunn, but have they?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bulls' started by truebluefan, May 21, 2019.

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    To many Bulls fans and some FO personnel included think Kriss Dunn did not have the kind of season we had hoped he would. Count me in as well. So, John Paxson said as much when he said 2-5 are strong and said the PG spot has to get better. I agree.

    So I went to look at just the URFA PGs available. And I took time and compared What Kriss did just this past season to what these other PGS did.

    Here is the current list of Unrestricted PGs

    • J.J. Barea (35)
    • Jerryd Bayless (31)
    • Patrick Beverley (31)
    • Trey Burke (27)
    • Jose Calderon (38)
    • Michael Carter-Williams (28)
    • Darren Collison (32)
    • Raymond Felton (35)
    • Tim Frazier (29)
    • Devin Harris (36)
    • Cory Joseph (28)
    • Jeremy Lin (31)
    • Shelvin Mack (29)
    • T.J. McConnell (27)
    • Elfrid Payton (25)
    • Rajon Rondo (33)
    • Derrick Rose (31)
    • Ricky Rubio (29)
    • Ish Smith (31)
    • Isaiah Thomas (30)
    • Kemba Walker (29)
    What I found shocked me. Most pgs are not any better than Dunn is right now. The only pg that had better shooting stats than Dunn was Collison. But his age concerns me and his height. In the playoffs his defense could be comprimised.

    Bulls fans have discussed Rubio or Patrick Beverley. Rubio has been in the league for years and still can't shoot. Beverly is the complete pg, plays both ends of the floor like Dunn was suppose to do. As he showed in the playoffs he wont back down from anyone. I fear if the Clippers sign a big FA he will stay in LA.

    Kemba Walker. Believe it or not he has about the same shooting pct that Dunn has. He averages 6 assists last season like Dunn did. Kemba scores a hell of a lot more than Dunn did because he is and always has been much more aggressive on offense. Anyway I dont look for Walker wanting to come here. He may want to go to a contender after spending many years in Charlotte.

    So do we trade? Go for Ball even though he cant shoot FT's. Who else can we trade for?

    There is no market for Dunn. So I am fine having him as back up PG. Let him be more aggressive with the second team.

    By the way if we draft a pg, either Garland or White, I would still want a veteran pg to come to the Bulls and start. Make Dunn fight for the starting spot!

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