Run & Gun versus Defensive minded

Discussion in 'Toronto Raptors' started by The King is Here, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hi everyone!! New Raptors fan here. I was talking to Chutney on MSN yesterday and he told me I should start being active on this forums, because it's a great place to talk Raptors Basketball. I also own my own site that also Chutney joined...check it out. Anyways enough Yip Yap on to my topic.

    As everyone can tell since acquiring Marion we've been running a lot more, which leads to easy buckets and high scoring games. Most of the fans enjoy those type of games with great reasons. I was wondering how you want Bryan Colangelo to build the team this off season? Now I know BC loves the fast pace, but please just play with me . Do you want him to build a Run & Gun type team or do you want him to build a defensive minded team? Explain.
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    I would love a little bit of both. Sort of what GS had with Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson. Thankfully we've been gifted with two very talented and athletic big men that they didn't really have at the time. I like players like Marion who give rebounding, tough perimeter defense, and speed and athleticism on offense.

    My targets for next season:

    C/PF: Horford or Bynum or Biedrens (only if Bosh wanted out would I want one of these)
    SF: Caron or Iggy (VERY doubtful), Marvin Williams (free agent) or Jeff Green,
    Marion, Stephen Jackson, GDub, or Ariza (FA).
    SG: Joe Johnson*, Salmons, Rudy F, Thabo, Mike Miller, Azubuike, or Delfino.
    PG: Devin Harris*

    *Would offer anything (including lotto pick and/or Calderon) but Bargs or Bosh. If Bosh wanted out, I'd listen to offers.

    Obviously, Marion + Delfino is the most realistic option.

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