Free Agent Scoring Sensation Russ Smith's Message to NBA Doubters: 'I for Damn Sure Belong'

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    It's around 11 p.m. in China when Russ Smith answers the phone. His team, Luoyang, of China's National Basketball League, had a game earlier in the evening in Beijing and he only recently returned to his hotel room.

    He's tired and wondering whether to join some teammates at a hookah lounge to celebrate one of their birthdays. He's still getting used to life in China and hasn't gone out with them yet. Instead, he's been spending most of his off time in his room toggling between game film, TV and movies.

    Also, he's a bit frustrated over how he played.

    "They were sending like two or three guys at me every time I got the ball," Smith says when asked how he played. "I definitely lowered my scoring average. I did manage to squeeze out 46, though."

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