Scottie Pippen 'beyond livid' at Michael Jordan for portrayal in 'The Last Dance,' report says

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    "The Last Dance" has come and gone, and while Michael Jordan came out of the documentary itself smelling like roses, his former teammates aren't exactly thrilled with how they were portrayed. Reportedly among them is Jordan's greatest teammate, Scottie Pippen, who is "beyond livid" over the way he was treated in the documentary, according to ESPN 1000's David Kaplan.

    "He is so angry at Michael and how he was portrayed, called selfish, called this, called that, that he's furious that he participated and did not realize what he was getting himself into," Kaplan said.

    Jordan called Pippen selfish in the second episode of the series for his decision to have surgery at the beginning of the 1997-98 season rather than the offseason, a decision he admitted in the documentary was motivated by the desire to protect his value with free agency looming in the summer of 1998 and bitterness over the poor contract he signed in 1991. According to Kaplan, that wasn't his only gripe.

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