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Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by Stockton, Apr 30, 2003.

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    It's all over now for Utah and personally I think they did well.

    Many were picking them not to get into the playoffs but they did and got 7th(Mainly because of Seattle and LAClippers). The only mistakes they made were starting Calbert Cheaney ahead of Deshawn Stevenson and everyone was saying CC had found some form in his number but it was only because of his MPG. Always starting Harp was another, he would have bad streaks where it'd be better to start AK47 who needs far more minutes.Resigning Scott Padgett-Why would you resign him and make Harp/AK47's minutes less than they need. On the positive side Stock and Malone played extremely well (apart from Malone's 0 point game vs Seattle) and neither picked up any significant injuries. Also remember that Borchardt,Lopez, Collins didn't play for most or all of the season because of injuries(we wouldn't of had Tony Massenburg that way).
    Playoffs next season you ask?
    Personally yes

    PG Andre Miller (Stock will retire although I hope he dont)
    SG Deshawn or some free agent pick up(Maybe try AK47)
    SF Harp/AK47
    PF Malone or Brand if he dont resign and go elsewhere
    C Tag.

    I feel that's good enough with a bench with the likes of Arroyo (1 season with MJax and Stock will give you everything you need to know and expect this guy to explode next season).

    What do you all think bout this season/next season?

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