see this is what i dont get..

Discussion in 'Detroit Pistons' started by XKalibuR, Feb 20, 2003.

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    Everyone is suprised we have the #1 seed. Most people are saying this is because we didnt do well in the play-offs last year or just a fluke.. We were ranked to go 27th last year, yet we won the central division and went to second round. Exceeding expectations.

    But forget last year, this time we have more talent & a deeper team. I mean in the play-offs who did we have last year?? our backups were damon jones & zelly had that broken eye, dana barros was messed up, #5 (fluke).. ect..

    Now people are saying pacers are great blah blah.. well why dont they base them on last years performance also? where they barley made the play-offs and got dropped in the 1st round. They still had brad miller, ron artest , ect..

    maybee they dont know that we aquired RIP & Billups. But whatever i'm just trying to make my point.. As long as we're producing wins thats all that matters. 8)


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