Shaquille O’Neal sure can roll with it

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    Shaquille O’Neal sure can roll with it


    As for fitting all these pieces together, O’Neal expressed supreme confidence that egos have been subjugated for the greater good.

    “This team’s going to be fine,” he said. “I see it in everybody’s eyes. Everybody wants to get better. You know, we’re all going to use each other.

    “I called Paul (Pierce) and Kevin on the phone. I told them, ‘Help me help you. I’ll help you get two (a second championship); you help me get five.’ We’re all on the same page here.”

    To that end, Shaq is embracing a move to the bench. While Rivers said there is still some uncertainty as to who will start at center in Kendrick Perkins [stats]’ ACL-induced absence, O’Neal is graciously stepping aside - and maybe launching a candidacy for the NBA’s Sixth Man Award.

    “They call us the BBM - Boston Bench Mob,” he said. “We’ll be ready. Big Baby (Glen Davis), myself and Marquis (Daniels).” Later he mentioned Delonte West and Nate Robinson.

    As for who came up with the moniker, Shaq said, “Me, of course. The BBM.”

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