The Smashes, a UK vs. Australia version of The Ultimate Fighter

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    Supposedly this is in the works.

    The UFC is looking to put together another international edition of their long-running reality series The Ultimate Fighter, which currently has two versions airing on television: The Ultimate Fighter LIVE, from Las Vegas, and The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, from Rio.

    The third iteration of the show would involve two national teams similar to the cricket series known as The Ashes, with one team from the UK and the other from Australia. No word yet on weight classes or coaches but English bantamweight Bad Brad Pickett is in the running. UFC lightweight George Sotiropolous would be a likely candidate to coach the Aussies.

    The UFC have done a nation vs. nation version of The Ultimate Fighter before with the USA facing the UK. The series culminated in British fighters winning in both weight classes and Dan Henderson knocking the holy hell out of Michael Bisping at UFC 100.

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