Torres: I'm Joining The Best Club In Europe

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    <table border="0" class="tabContenitore"><tbody><tr><td> <div class="articolo"> <span class="data"></span>
    <span class="titolo">Torres: I'm Joining The Best Club In Europe</span> <span class="sommario"></span></div><div class="articolo"></div><div class="articolo"><span class="sommario">Liverpool fans will be hugely impressed to hear that their latest signing, Fernando Torres, reckons he's joining "the best club in Europe".</span> </div><div class="articolo"></div><div class="articolo"><div class="articoloTesto"> <div class="articoloFoto"> <div id="Articolo_divArticolo" class="articoloFotoCornice"> <div id="Articolo_ei1_p1"> [​IMG] <div id="Articolo_ei1_p2">
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    The Spain striker will be unveiled at Liverpool later today after the completion of his transfer from Atletico Madrid for a club record fee reported to be &pound;26.5 million.</p>

    And in his final press conference in Madrid at Atletico's Vicente Calderon stadium, Torres explained: "It has been a difficult decision to leave my all-time club.</p>

    "But it would have been hard for me to reject Liverpool's offer. It is a big leap for me and I think it was the right thing for everyone.</p>

    "The time comes in the life of a player that he needs more challenges.</p>

    "I have always done what was best for the club, too. The Liverpool offer arrived and I only told the club to listen to that offer because that is the team I wanted to play for.</p>

    "It's one of the best, if not the best, clubs in Europe."</p>

    While it was a wrench for Madrid-born Torres to leave the club who were his boyhood idols, he is also aware that there will be a heavy weight of expectation on his shoulders at Liverpool.</p>

    However, he told journalists in Madrid that he is ready for the challenge.</p>

    Torres will be Liverpool's new number nine, following in the footsteps of legendary Liverpool strikers who also wore that number, such as Ian St John, Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler.</p>

    "The fact that Liverpool are giving me the number nine jersey just goes to show the confidence they have placed in me, when considering those who have worn that shirt before me," he continued.</p>

    "A new beautiful adventure begins for me and I hope that with work and effort I can be among the best players.</p>

    "This is a unique opportunity for me. Liverpool aspire to everything and that has been an important factor in my decision to go there.</p>

    "I want to adapt as quickly as possible. I think Premiership is a football that adapts well to my style.</p>

    "I will arrive with a lot of joy and ambition."</p>

    He added that he was sad to leave Atletico after seven years as a player and a lifetime as a fan. </p>

    "I will always feel at home at Atletico," he said.</p>

    "I am proud of what I achieved here, my heart will always be Rojiblanco regardless of where I go.</p>

    "I want to thank the fans, who have shown a lot of support over the years. It has been a pleasure for me. I hope to return one day.</p>

    "I have my conscience clear of what I have achieved. I believe this is a good decision for me and for the club.</p>

    "I hope that those who come here, they will do what we haven't been able to do."</p>


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