Voronin: Arsenal Are The Team To Beat

Discussion in 'Liverpool FC' started by CelticKing, Dec 6, 2007.

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    <span class="titolo">Voronin: Arsenal Are The Team To Beat</span></p>

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    <span class="sommario">Liverpool's Ukraine international striker Andriy Voronin believes that Arsenal are the team to beat in the race for the Premier League title this season.</span></p>

    Andriy Voronin of Liverpool describes Arsenal as one of the best sides in Europe - but he is convinced that Liverpool will be up there challenging them for the title at the end of the season.</p>

    Voronin told icliverpool: "For me the aspect that really stands out is their teamwork, they don't have too many superstars but they are very talented and work really hard for each other, that's their biggest strength.</p>

    "They are certainly one of the best sides in Europe.</p>

    "They wouldn't be top of the league and have already guaranteed progression to the next round of the Champions League if they weren't.</p>

    "They deserve all the respect and praise they've received so far.</p>

    "They have done really well but as we all know the championship is an extremely long process and we are not far behind.</p>

    "Our problem has sometimes been scoring goals, but we are certainly creating plenty of opportunities now.</p>

    "If we can carry on putting them away then there is no reason why we can't enjoy success and be challenging for honours at the end of the season.</p>

    "I'm confident that will be the case."</p>

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    wow. First Carragher says torres is world class and now Voronin says this. Liverpool expect a letter from MENSA real soon.</p>

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