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Warriors at 106 regular season games without losing 2 in row

Discussion in 'Golden State Warriors' started by truebluefan, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Nope, Stephen Curry didn't know the last time Golden State dropped two in a row during the regular season.

    Draymond Green? Negative.

    That's because it's been quite a while: April 2015, to be exact.

    "Let's see, I think it was my second year in the league. My third year?" Green pondered. "We didn't lose two in a row last year."

    The Warriors realize how remarkable it is, that brilliant, NBA-best ability to bounce back. You bet, this bunch gets mad about losing.

    Curry scored 20 of his 31 points in the third quarter and Golden State ran its NBA-record streak of regular season games without consecutive losses to 106 by beating the Phoenix Suns 138-109 on Saturday night.

    Read more http://www.espn.com/nba/recap?gameId=400899741

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