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Discussion in 'Warriors Lounge' started by Rudeezy, Jul 23, 2006.

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quoting custodianrules2:</div><div class="quote_post">So Rudeezy man, what's your role? Lead scorer? Shooting guard right?</div>I am a role player on this team. We have two really good scorers, Alex Sanders and Romel Beck. Sanders went to Oakhill and played with Jerry Stackhouse, Mark Blount, Corey McGinnis. He went to Louisville after that. They are pretty good scorers. I play back up PG as well. My high game this year so far was 16 points. I'm just out here to have some fun and get paid for doing something that I love.

    I'm actually going to be keeping a journal of my experiences here, just to give the JBB community a little taste of what goes on over here.

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