Wizards Team Survivor: Rd. 9

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    Below is the Wizards roster, you will have one day or 5 votes (whichever one comes first) to vote off one player. When there are 6 players left I'll make this into a poll. <font color="red">Please vote in the poll and post who you've voted for. </font>

    Juan Dixon
    Larry Hughes
    Jerry Stackhouse

    Note:I did not include any of the free agents, or Gilbert Arenas because he wasn't officially a Wizard till the mid-rounds of this survivor.

    1st voted off: Etan Thomas, most votes exceeding the time limit.
    2nd voted off: Jahidi White, with 5 votes.
    3rd voted off: Steve Blake, with 5 votes.
    4th voted off: Christian Laettener, with 5 votes.
    5th voted off: Jared Jeffries, with 5 votes.
    6th voted off: Jarvis Hayes, most votes exceeding the time limit.
    7th voted off: Brandon Haywood, with 5 votes.
    8th voted off: Kwame Brown, with 5 votes.

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