Wizards Want Healthy New Year

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div><div class='quotemain'>RICHMOND, Oct. 3 -- Perhaps more than any NBA team in recent memory, last season's Washington Wizards learned that the injury bug does not discriminate.</p>

    It can bite star players in the midst of strong seasons (Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison), major offseason additions (forward Darius Songaila) and even up-and-coming players (forward Andray Blatche).</p>

    On the eve of this season's training camp, the team was reminded that health can be fickle when center Etan Thomas was not cleared to practice after a routine cardiac test revealed an irregularity.</p>

    Thomas, whose career could be in doubt, remained in Washington on Wednesday awaiting results of further testing. Meantime, the Wizards went through the second day of camp with an otherwise healthy roster of players.</p>

    Keeping them that way could be the key to this season, but Coach Eddie Jordan knows that worrying about injury is a waste of time. In all, 11 Wizards missed a total of 153 games because of injury last season.</p>

    "Injuries are strange," Jordan said. "I mean, the most conditioned athlete can have an injury -- he can pull a back muscle or pull a hamstring -- and then, some of the athletes who are in poor shape, they don't ever have injuries, so sports are strange that way, especially basketball."</div></p>


    Well before we could even take a fresh breath into the Verizon Center, a key player to our team Etan Thomas gets shut down with a bad Heart condition. Still don't know how severe it is with him, but hopefully he'll be back as soon as possible.</p>

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