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    Just a topic in which members can post their own 2007 Mock Drafts. Here is one of mine I whipped up on the RealGM mock draft generator:


    I went based off team needs, and the best available player at that position at the time of the pick.
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    I'm not sure about a couple of the picks, but that's because its still so early. I like the first 6 picks though.
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    1 POR Greg Oden- No explanation necessary

    2 SEA Kevin Durant-
    No explanation necessary

    3 ATL Brandan Wright- Atlanta has to go with the consensus BPA at number 3. Wright is an amazing prospect who would probably normally be a #1 pick. Hes got top notch athleticism and skill and the potential to be an all-NBA big man. ATL has to take the potential franchise big, they have another pick later to get a PG.

    4 MEM Spencer Hawes- Probably a surprise pick to most, Hawes has Tim Duncan-esque size and skill. Hes got very refined post skills on offense, is comfortable on the perimeter, and hes a great passer. His defense is just alright but he makes his presence felt with his size and adequate athleticism, rebounding is good but not great. Hes got the potential to be a franchise big man and a force on offense. He went largely unnoticed last year with injuries bothering him most of the year but still had a very good freshman season and exploded in some games. I think he'll finally get some more recognition now that hes healthy and can show his skills in workouts. This pick is assuming Pau leaves though, if he stays the Grizz will probably go with Horford.

    5 BOS Yi Jianlian- A flashy pick, high risk, high reward. Jianlian has been impressing people around the league since he came to L.A. a few weeks back. Hes got great mobility and athleticism, skill, and his star potential is what sells him to Ainge and the Celtics.

    6 MIL Al Horford- Horford is a no brainer here. Hes widely believed to be the consensus #4 overall pick, and deservedly so. Although the Bucks just acquired Villanueva last year, Horford is a great fit alongside the more finesse, offensive oriented Andrew Bogut, the Bucks 1st overall pick in the 2005 draft. Horford provides the toughness, defense, shotblocking, rebounding, athleticism, and willingness to do the dirty work that Bogut lacks. Conley could possibly be the pick here if Mo Williams isn't re-signed, though I would think that the Bucks would have to go with the big man if Horford were available.

    7 MIN Corey Brewer-
    With no quality, big bodied C prospects available the T'Wolves take Brewer, who can provide immediate help. Brewer provides youth, defense, athleticism, and scoring for the T'Wolves. He can come in and be a starter immediately and he can team up with Foye and KG to make a solid core for the future. Brewer is just a flat out winner and will be a quality two way player to help support KG.

    8 CHA Jeff Green-
    Charlotte lacks scoring and depth at SG/SF and has a history of taking quality players from big time programs. Green fits the bill for them and can come in immediately and help to score in a variety of ways. Green also has the athleticism and skill to help out on defense, rebounding, weakside shotblocking, and can even play a little bit as a point forward.

    9 CHI Joakim Noah- Noah provides the Bulls with size, length, and depth on the frontline. Although the Bulls would prefer a guy with more offensive prowess on the low block, they lack many big bodies right now and are mostly playing guys who are 6'9 or below. Noah gives them some height, shotblocking, rebounding and athleticism to keep up with the guards on the break. Hopefully Wallace can teach him a thing or two about man defense and they can help him develop an offensive game outside of dunking.

    10 SAC Mike Conley Jr- With no good PF/C prospects available, the Kings take a PG who can replace Bibby and run their team for the next 12+ years. Bibby is probably being moved this offseason and Conley is a guy who can come in and contribute immeidately and learn on the fly. The Kings just can't pass up taking the best PG prospect in the draft, a potential franchise PG, especially with a rumored Bibby trade looming.

    11 ATL Acie Law- Atlanta makes a bit of a reach here but covers a major need and gets a very NBA ready player. Law is a guy who can score very well at the PG position but can also run the team and find the open man well enough. Although his court vision and PG mindset are adequate, it helps that Joe Johnson is his backcourt mate and can take some of the distribution pressure of of Law and let Law focus on scoring when necessary. His leadership and fearlessness in the clutch could be great for a young Atlanta team that lacks guidance and swagger. Law can come in immediately, start, and be the vocal leader on the team and ultimately be the missing piece in a now very talented Atlanta team.

    12 PHI Julian Wright- Wright is the BPA at this point in the draft. He can play PF in the east a la Antawn Jamison, so that fills a need for the 76ers. Wright is a solid scorer, very good rebounder for his size, very athletic, and a great passer. They've already got the PG, SG/SF, and C position covered. Getting a quality PF sets them up for a bright future.

    13 NO Thaddeus Young-
    NO already has most of the key positions covered for the future; PG, PF, and C. Peja will be coming back healthy next year but they still need a young, skilled, athletic SG/SF to complement Peja and ultimately replace him. Thad Young has great athleticism, good skill, and superb potential.

    14 LAC Al Thornton-
    LAC takes a good young SF to help shoulder the scoring load in the future. He'll provide them with depth, athleticism, and youth which they severely lacked in their dissapointing 06-07 season.

    15 DET Nick Young-
    Detroit takes a swingman who can come in and immediately contribute off the bench on both sides of the ball. Nick Young has great athleticism and scoring skill. Hes a great mid-range shooter, has range out to 3, can penetrate and finish well, a good defender and rebounder. He'd be a great replacement for Rip down the road as well with his variety of mid-range shots such as the turnaround and fadeaway that hes already mastered.

    16 WAS Tiago Splitter-
    Although Splitter may not come over until the following season, he covers a variety of weaknesses that the Wizards have. Splitter is a good man defender, has good size and athleticism and a nice touch around the rim. He should be able to contribute a little bit right away and has the potential to become a good starting C/PF.

    17 NJ Rudy Fernndez-
    NJ takes the BPA SG to replace Vinsanity since there are no defensive-minded big man prospects that fit with NJ. Fernandez can do a little bit of everything and could end up being a steal in the mid-late first.

    18 GS Josh McRoberts- Although GS is more in need of a defensive minded, strong rebounding 4, McRoberts is definitely a great fit in their style of play. Hes got very good athleticism, is an extremely skilled ball handler and passer, can block shots and finish inside, has a decent jumpshot already and hes a smart player. Although hes not a very good man defender and is a good, not great rebounder, McRoberts could be a great PF in an up tempo game if he develops offensively a bit more.

    19 LAL Javaris Crittenton-
    Although LA drafted a PG last year they can't miss out on Crittenton. He was great as a freshman and is a perfect fit for the triangle with his size and athleticism. With Smush Parker leaving LA will need a backup PG anyway and with his size Crittenton can play alongside Farmar with Kobe playing some minutes at the 3.

    20 MIA Brandon Rush-
    There are no good PG prospects to take so Miami settles for a good, athletic swingman who can contribute immediately. He'll help the Heat by adding some great athleticism and youth along with good shooting touch and scoring ability.

    21 PHI Jason Smith-
    Smith is the BPA big man and a good value pick at 21. Hes perimeter oriented but has adequate athleticism and rebounding ability. He'd be a good fit alongside Dalembert and Hunter and can spread the floor and contribute on the glass a la Troy Murphy.

    22 CHA Rodney Stuckey-
    Charlotte goes for more scoring and a guy who can play either guard position.

    23 NY Petteri Koponen- NY takes a high potential Euro PG to replace Marbury/Francis down the line. Koponen has the skill and size that would make Isiah salivate.

    24 PHO Marco Belinelli-
    Phoenix takes a versatile swingman who can score and play some PG. He's a great fit in a run and gun system.

    25 UTA Derrick Byars- A Classic Jerry Sloan player. Byars slipped because hes a 23 year old senior but he brings a great all around game and toughness. He can score well inside and out, play great defense, and reboudn some.

    26 HOU Gabe Pruitt- With Adelman coming in they want a decent legit PG to run the show in the future. Pruitt proved that he can run a team and hes got great athleticism, size, and defense.

    27 DET Ante Tomic- Detroit takes a flyer on a low-risk, high-reward C prospect from Europe. He could potentially provide a replacement after Sheed, McDyess, Webber, etc. retire

    28 SA Marcus Williams-
    San Antonio takes a fundamentally sound SG who can score a bit and contribute off the bench.

    29 PHO Daequan Cook- A great athlete and 3 point shooter. He'd thrive in an open court game

    30 PHI Marc Gasol- Gasol is a good low-risk, high-reward player at the end of the first round for Philly. Hes got some good skills inside, a big body, and hes a very good passer.

    Not very far into the second round so far so that won't come until much later probably.
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    greg oden will be a bust.

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